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NOISEscape ☠ [ tear it up ]
07 June 2020 @ 05:11 pm

i"m a beast when you turn me onCollapse )
NOISEscape ☠ [ tear it up ]
04 June 2020 @ 09:37 pm
001.Energy 002.Perfect World 003.Wires 004.Silver 005.All Because Of You
006.Signal 007.One Last Kiss 008.Infinite 009.Cloud 010.Salvation
011.Apocalypse 012.Beacon 013.Beam 014.Blast 015.Blackened
016.Ripple 017.Double 018.Flick 019.Fabric 020.Multiply
021.Trust 022.Eternity 023.Always, All Ways 024.Burn 025.Scar/s
026.Hex 027.Curse 028.Glow 029.Chain 030.Dream
031.Flesh 032.Chance 033.Fish 034.Lake 035.Pie
036.Jello 037.Sweet! 038.Shiny 039.Frozen 040.Cave
041.Procedure 042.Complain 043.Mission 044.Stray 045.Spineless
046.Hint 047.Spy 048.Science 049.Cult 050.Hold
051.Forever 052.Battle 053.Crime 054.Disable 055.Slide
056.No Regrets 057.Never Change 058.Easily Influenced 059.Scene 060.On My Own
061.Final 062.Force 063.Meant To Be 064.Give Up 065.Instead
066.Hurt 067.Comfort 068.Angst 069.In Your Arms 070.Surrender
071.Shallow 072.Hold My Hand 073.Retaliate 074.Push 075.Cringe
076.Drunk 077.Bleeding Heart(s) 078.Letter 079.No Return 080.Slave
081.Complicated 082.Giggle 083.Sorrow 084.Regulations 085.Dirt
086.Mud 087.Face 088.Deep 089.Smear 090.Kindred
091.Desert 092.Morning Sun 093.Full Moon 094.Haunt 095.Wake
096.Writer's Choice. 097.Writer's Choice. 098.Writer's Choice. 099.Writer's Choice. 100.Writer's Choice.
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